It was an ancient time when we used to keep single sim mobile phone and sending messages calling, all happened with a single sim mobile phone.But nowadays technology has been changed so much no one is using single sim mobile phone.They are using both sims simultaneously for calling,messaging.But still huge part of the multitude don’t know how to install dual whatsapp account in one android phone in spite of having dual sim smartphone. So today I am going to share you some tips about running two whatsapp account in one android phone. So let’s start.

SO it is obvious that if you want to run two whatsapp account you should have dual sim smartphone because each whatsapp account will verify the number using sms,calling associated with it.But nowadays some smartphone companies like xiaomi,oppo,Honor providing the feature of running dual application like whatsapp,facebook as a built feature.In this case all you need to do what just go to the setting>dual app and toggle the button for dual application and enjoy dual application feature.



SO if we talk about other smartphones that doesn’t provide running dual application as a in built features.So need to think about the GBwhatsapp.This is just another copy of original whatsapp.

You can download it from google play store. After finishing installation process.Open the application .


Just tap on the open and it will redirect to another activity.In which it will ask you for the number that you want to use in this second whatsapp account.After that it will send you an OTP to verify the number same as like the original whatsapp.


finally after the successful verification you can enjoy running two whatsapp account in same android phone.

Parallel Space – Multiple accounts & Two face


This application helps to clone and run the multiple accounts of same application and you can use different themes for each and every space. This application is also very secure and protects the user privacy by making the application invisible on the device.This parallel space supports 24 languages that are compatible with almost all android phones.It helps us in managing multiple accounts and customizing your own created space.  


You can switch to another account just with one tap. OR even you can provide different security for each space and then which security you will enter that space will be open.



This is the modded version of the whatsapp called OGWhatsapp it means it will work only if you are running an whatsapp account that is already existing in your device.So if it is not installed then install it from google play store and then proceed for the second whatsapp installing process.

There is some prerequisite before installing the OGWhatsapp.

Open the settings in original whatsapp and make the backup of all the conversation this steps is not so mandatory just to keep safe your conversation.

Then go to the media folder of the existing whatsapp and rename it to the new name called ‘OGWhatsapp’.After that uninstall the existing official  whatsapp from your smartphone.

Now download the OGWhatsapp and install it. As it is not official whatsapp so your devices may ask for the security of installing unknown source so don’t worry allow access for OGWhatsapp once.After finishing installation process open the application and follow the same steps for verification of your number as you have done in the previous official whatsapp.Now your old account will be synchronized with the OGWhatsapp.

Finally go to the  google play store and install the official version of whatsapp and verify it with second mobile number and you are done. Enjoy the dual whatsapp in your mobile phone.